August 2, 2014

Ultimate Holding Company is a multi-disciplinary collective working in the fields of visual arts, design and social activism. Whilst freelancing at their studio in Manchester I worked on a number of existing projects, helping them develop their online presence.

extinked –  an art and ecology project in which 100 original drawings of endangered British species were tattooed onto 100 volunteers. Each volunteer then acts as an ambassador for their species and is invited to exhibition and events organised by UHC and other people interested in the project. I was asked to design and build a website that would document the exhibitions through a digital gallery.

EXAM – an immersive art event for Queer Up North Festival 2010, a group of people interest in LGBT issues were asked to sit an exam to highlight the role and importance of queer culture. The results of the rigorously invigilated exam were extremely interesting so I was asked to design a digital space where people could recreate the experience. The whole exam was filmed and what struck me the most when watching to footage was the sensations of feeling like you really were back in school sitting an exam. The shuffling chairs, the sniffs and coughs, the pen scratching on the paper. So I really wanted to bring this to the forefront of the design by using a full screen video background.

Reading Room – another result of EXAM was the creation of a network of people that wanted to stay engaged in the project and wanted a space where articles and information could be collated for them to read and then discuss at the next meeting. I wanted to communicate all the work and research that went into the preparation for exam, so designed the website to resemble a microfilm, and be a onepage, continual scroll website.