Thin Martian.

September 19, 2014

I have recently been working on a new site design for Thin Martian, a creative, digital agency that Codegent acquired a couple of years ago. Now all agency work will be done under the Thin Martian brand so it has gone under a much needed refresh. Wanting to keep it very separate from the Codegent brand, I incorporated a playful type face, clearly communicating our propositions, with out-of-copyright vintage space travel imagery, as well as some other fun pieces I could get my hands on. A key objective of the brief was to deliver our key messages to potential clients, but also to show the personality and character of the brand. I think the juxtaposition of collages images with clear messaging fulfils this and I really look forward to working with the development team to bring my ideas for animation and interactivity to life.
See the live site here